Lately I have been the mite whisperer!  I had four cases of Demodex last week and two cases of Sarcoptes!  Sarcoptic mange, caused by the little creature in the first photo, is transmissable to humans and other animals.  It causes a self-limiting infection in people with itching and redness, but in dogs, the infestation can be severe and excruciating.  Demodectic mange is not uncommon in puppies, who are still developing their immune system; Demodex, unlike Sarcoptes, is a normal inhabitant of most mammals, including people.  Demodex mites only become a problem when the immune system is suppressed; if that’s the case, they can infest the whole body and also cause pain and itchiness.  Both types of mange leave the pets open to secondary bacterial invasion.

Sarcoptes can be fairly easily treated with Revolution topically.  Demodex, however, is a huge pain in the butt to treat and requires time-consuming and dangerous dips, or oral ivermectin, which can cause nasty side effects.  I hate Demodex!

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    Btw, Weez has been on oral Ivermectin for Demodex for about a month with no apparent side-effects. Some of her patches...
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    I saw Demodex through the light microscope two days ago! I met the patient too, poor baby :(
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    Thanks! I asked the vet I work with, and he reminded me of a case involving a walker/foxhound mix that was just about...
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    We had a St. Bernard at the shelter I worked at that had a chronic case of it and my mutt of unknown origins had a bad...
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    I love mites. I am not a tech who loves abscesses.
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    Demodex is so darling though. Its got little stubby legs
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