Feral cat colony, Rome, Italy.  The cats are all spayed, neutered and vaccinated, and appear to live a quite jolly life among the ruins in Rome’s bustling city center.  My friend and I, two weeks from graduating vet school, noticed the kitties and spent the next 20 minutes sighing at their adorableness and missing our own kitties dreadfully.  What a lovely place for a cat colony, safe from Roman traffic but open to public view.  I love seeing lazy kitties in unique locations. :)

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    Oh wow that looks like such a wonderful place for a colony of cats! And the cats look very healthy and well-fed, which...
  2. mediatedexperience said: Ahh, that’s Torre Argentina! I used to walk past there most days of the week and made friends with both some of the kitties and their people there. Happy to see these pics! There’s some nice cats in/around the non-Catholic cemetery, too.
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